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A word of praise for life's simple pleasures...

The taste of dark chocolate, rich coffee, approval from a grandchild…and watching as a white piece of watercolor paper is transformed into a picture by my brushes, water, pigments and effort.  The thrill of that process has brought me delight for many years.  Even as a child, I filled blank paper, margins of school notes, odds and ends of paper lying around with pictures, not yet in color, of ballerinas, baseball players, movie stars and profiles of friends and classmates.


When life got in the way in the form of marriage, three children and the need to earn a living, I didn’t create art for too long.  A reminder of the need to paint again came in the form of vivid technicolor dreams as designs and pictures flew across my inner vision as I tried to sleep.  Every once in a while I’d jar myself awake trying to stop the camera so I could capture a picture I liked.  About this time, mercifully, I hooked up with fellow painters in Fallbrook, CA, and we formed an informal alliance that is still going more than 20 years later.


Since then I’ve done a lot of paintings and sold an encouraging number of them.  The most dramatic sale came as I was carrying an armload of paintings from a show at the library across the parking lot to my car.  A woman stopped me and asked to see one of the paintings.  I leaned everything against the side of my car and she picked the one whose edge caught her fancy.  There, in the lot, we made our transaction.  I wish I could say other trips across the lot were as successful.  


I love to paint.  I show my pictures here so you can see them.  If you see anything you like, call me and we can meet in the parking lot…or, more practically, call or email and we can work something out.

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